Mission 14: Germany

Where: Germany; Pilsensee, Wiesbaden

When: August 2017

What: a Birthday surprise, searching for the end of summer, housesitting, and visiting new friends

We booked into a campsite at Lake Pilsensee, south of Munich, Camping Pilsensee, it was the best value we could find, but also looked the nicest, and we weren’t disappointed. The campsite was almost full, so we were put in the overflow field, no set pitches, so just camp where you like, which usually works out better. We were right next to the excellent children’s playground, and also only 100 metres from the beautiful lake.

The following day we got more visitors; Auntie Maryam, and a surprise Birthday visit for Jess from our very good friend, John, who the boys were also thrilled to see. We had a brilliant few days at the campsite, the weather was great, we spent a lot of time in the lake or on paddle boards.

We made the most of Grandma still being here and had a night out in Munich. We found an amazing burger place, Schnelle Liebe, really small, packed, great atmosphere and music and delicious burgers. Then we headed to Hofbraühaus for a bit of live Bavarian music and clinking our 1 litre glasses of beer 🍺

When the weekend was over, and our visitors had gone back to the UK, it was back on with our four person mission, time to pack up the tent and move on to the next place.

After months of searching, we finally found a housesit! What a relief to have made the membership fee worthwhile. It seems as though most people looking for a house sitter are looking for a single person or couple, and are not that interested in letting a family with young kids stay to look after their house and pet while they’re away. But luckily we found a family who have young children, so were happy for us to look after their beautiful dog, Sadie, and their beautiful apartment in the pretty fancy Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, for five nights, and all for free. As they have young twin boys, they had a playroom full of toys, which had our boys occupied for almost the entire stay. They also had proper kids beds for the boys to sleep in, so no need to surround the bed with cushions and blankets to stop the boys falling out.

We explored the parks of Wiesbaden while walking the dog, and spent a few days chilling out in this lovely city. We went into Frankfurt one day, to visit the India visa commission to apply in person for our visa, before realising that it was pointless because they changed the rules in April to grant 60 day e visas for tourists. But who doesn’t love a visit to a really hot Indian Commission for no reason anyway?!

We were so lucky to have found this housesit, not just because it was an amazing apartment, and it was free, but also because we had a gorgeous dog as our temporary pet, and we got to know a lovely city that we would have otherwise overlooked.

We moved on to another part of Germany, near the border with Holland, to visit new friends who we’d met in Albania, and who offered us a place to stay as they knew we were passing through on our travels. They are a lovely couple with three girls, aged 1 to 5. We were a bit dubious at first, and were being very British, not wanting to put them out, especially since we’d only known them for a few days, but they seemed genuinely very happy for us to stay. So we gladly accepted the offer and stayed in their camper for 3 nights (they did offer us space in their house, but the boys were much more excited about the camper!) The boys were so happy to have such lovely friends to play with, and we spent a few days just chilling and playing at their house. We visited Dusseldorf for one day, we saw some lovely parks, and went up to the top of the Rheinturn, a 240 metre tower, with a beautiful view over Dusseldorf. Our new friends were such great hosts and we are so glad we visited them, they believe that they should share everything they have with others, which is something that we will definitely be doing more of following this trip. We have found some great new friends and will definitely be visiting them again.

Neither of us had spent much time in Germany before, but we really enjoyed our time here, it’s a beautiful country full of very friendly people.

We had some time to kill before our next family visit, so we searched for another workaway at the last minute, we found one that we liked in Holland. So we packed up and off we went.

Up4amission recommends:

  • Camping Pilsensee; lovely campsite, on a beautiful lake, and really good value compared to campsites at other lakes
  • Schnelle Liebe, amazing burgers in Munich
  • Wiesbaden; a lovely city near Frankfurt

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