Mission 10: Croatia…it’s probably amazing out of season

We crossed the border from Montenegro to Croatia with all documents in hand, and it made for a pretty boring and adrenaline free border crossing (obviously they didn’t ask for the V5 document).

The day after arriving in Croatia, Jess was flying out of Dubrovnik to spend a few days in London visiting our new niece. So we decided to pre book a campsite, with pool, playground etc, to make it easier for Georgie being on her own with the boys. We didn’t do much research, and as far as we could tell there aren’t a huge number of campsites to choose from, so we went with Camping Solitudo, which wasn’t great, the facilities were good, but the management were rude and really patronising, the playground was minuscule, the pool wasn’t on the premises but at a nearby hotel, where there was constant and in your face entertainment, which is really not our kind of thing. There is a road running through the middle of the campsite, and the local authorities thought it would be okay to repaint the lines on the bumps at 2am, with a really loud machine, while 5 workmen stood by having a very loud conversation with each other.

I took the boys to Dubrovnik two days in a row, first time in the car, big mistake; parking in and near Dubrovnik is very difficult and extortionate. We went on the cable car which was very good and not too busy, nor too expensive. The second day we went in by bus, much more pleasant and fun, into the Stari Grad/Old Town. Dubrovnik is really beautiful, and much better visited in the morning before it gets crazy busy.

Dubrovnik from the cable car

We were excited about seeing Croatia, so many people had told us how amazing it was, but we picked the wrong time to go, it was so busy, so expensive, and we hadn’t done enough research.

Sunset in Dubrovnik

Jess returned that evening and we were very excited to move on the following day to…Bosnia.

Up4amission recommends:

  • Dubrovnik cable car
  • Travelling into Dubrovnik by bus, not in your own car
  • Not going to Croatia in peak summer season

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