Mission 11: Beautiful Bosnia

Where: Bosnia; Mostar, Blagaj & Kravica

When: July 2017

What:  jumping from the old Mostar bridge and realising that Bosnia has a lot more to offer

We hadn’t planned to visit Bosnia, until Jess saw a video of people jumping from the 26 metre high old Mostar bridge, so obviously we had to come so he could join in the madness. We crossed the border from Croatia into Bosnia, another uneventful one, and purchased car insurance, €40 this time for two weeks.

We booked an Air BnB in Mostar for a few nights. We headed straight to the bridge when we arrived, mostly because Jess was excited, but also because Georgie really wanted to get it over with so she could (hopefully!) stop worrying. We saw a few men doing the jump, the trainer made them stand on the jumping spot for ages while he went round to the crowds collecting donations, it seemed a bit unfair to make the jumper wait for so long, but it turns out these guys worked there.

So Jess arranged to do the jump there and then. He went down to do a practice off a 10 metre board into the river, with a few young Aussie guys. Nobody else was keen to do the bridge jump after this, I guess they all saw sense, so Jess was the only one to go through with it.

Georgie, Dylan and Arto waited at the bottom with the crowd waiting for Jess to jump, and he did it! And thankfully emerged from the water relatively unscathed, to the applause of the crowd of tourists watching.

So it turns out Mostar isn’t just about jumping off the bridge, it’s also a really beautiful place, with lovely restaurants and shops and really friendly people.

We visited Blagaj, at the suggestion of our super friendly and helpful Air BnB host. It was definitely worth a visit, but not in the early afternoon when it’s about 40 degrees and you have two young kids.









Our next stop in Bosnia was Kravica waterfalls. We decided to get there early, by 8am, as assumed it would get really busy and too hot later in the day. It was so stunning, much more beautiful than we’d imagined, and we managed to miss the crowds, so it was also really peaceful. It is such a relaxing place for a swim, the water is so clear and fresh.

We have really enjoyed Bosnia, and so glad we decided to add it into our itinerary, but it’s time to move on again…

Up4amission recommends:

  • Mostar bridge, beautiful area with lovely restaurants (just don’t jump from the bridge, that would be mental!)
  • Blagaj, beautiful place, but very hot in the middle of the day
  • Kravica waterfalls, stunning place and great for swimming (go early)


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