Mission 7: Italy, sorry, we can’t stop…

Where: Sanremo, Senigallia & Bari, Italy

When: June 2017

What: just passing through…

We really didn’t have a plan for Italy, and didn’t really have a list of places we wanted to go. We’d done the Amalfi Coast on our honeymoon, we loved it, but didn’t think it was time to go back yet, and didn’t think the boys would be that interested in the cities. So we just sailed on through, with the aim of getting to Bari to get the ferry to Albania as soon as possible.

First stop in Italy was Sanremo, we booked an Air BnB, again a last minute booking. Poor Dylan had a horrible tummy on the motorway en route, so it was quite a stressful drive through a lot of tunnels over the border from France to Italy. We arrived, looking forward to getting into our apartment, but the host was being pretty shady and delaying our check in. We finally met him, he was even more shady in person, telling us that the previous guests had trashed the place and broken the light and he didn’t think we could stay?! I convinced him that we could. He was still sweating profusely. He lead us to apartment, which was fine, the light wasn’t broken, the floor was just dirty, nothing to get in such a sweat about! Sanremo was very nice, but we didn’t see that much of it as it was time to move on through Italy to our next stop…

Senigallia. A lovely Air BnB, with such a lovely and relaxed host, a real contrast to the previous one. The town is really nice, we were very pleasantly surprised, and the beach was another one that was great for the kids, lovely soft sand, shallow water, that was so warm it was like being in the bath, as well as playgrounds all along the beach.

But after two nights it was again time to move on, we had to catch a ferry from Bari to Durres, Albania, and we were pretty bloody excited about it!

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